Becoming a Member of the How to Hardscape Platform will allow you access to content already published and any future content that will be published surrounding the hardscape industry. Monthly community meetings will be paired with this along with discounts through our partners. Webinars and Workshops surrounding the Course content will also be created through the year to help you with additional information from industry experts.

The first year courses will be created and featuring How to Hardscape. Following this phase of courses, 2023 will feature experts in their field speaking on business, leadership, and other principles that will help you build your business. 2022 will focus on course content and will front load the majority of the content with courses published once a month. 2023 will focus on webinars and workshops with some courses being added sporadically. On an ongoing basis there will be monthly meetings with members, access to webinars as they become available, and workshops associated with course content to dive deeper into content.

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Learn New Skills

The courses will help you to learn new skills that you can use to start your business or add to the services that you already offer in your business. The courses will range from installation of hardscapes and features to knowing your numbers to setting up your online presence in 2022.

In 2023, we will focus more on webinars and workshops with industry experts along with courses featuring industry leaders in order to broaden the topics covered in this platform. This will allow you to grow with the platform. As this grows, so to will the price. However, the price you purchase at will be the price you are locked in at.

Train Your Employees

You can use this platform to dive into the hardscape industry for yourself and establish a profitable business from the start. Or use it as a training platform for new or existing employees to help them level up their industry knowledge and provide your business with more value. With a CORPORATE account, you can add two users to your account which can be used for employees so that they can move through courses. At the end of each course will be a test that they can take. Upon completion, they will receive a certificate with their information on it and the course that they have completed.

You can use this as a training platform to encourage continual growth for your employees or to even incentivize them to learn new skills. The more your employees know, the more useful they will be for you in your business.


There is a 30 day money back guarantee with this so that there is no risk to you signing up for this. At any time you can cancel your membership, but while you are not a member you will not have access to content. Canceling your membership does not provide a refund. Refunds for the money back guarantee only apply to the first month of subscription and you can contact us for a refund on your first month if this is not for you.

Prices are subject to change and will increase over time. Signing up will LOCK in your price and will not change.


Corporate Accounts allow for 2 Users to be added to the account for employee training usage. Contact us to get this set up.

$79.99 / Month
Corporate Member
$99.99 / Month