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Are you recovering your Overhead Expenses in your current estimating process?

Are you able to Job Cost at the end of each completed project to understand if you made a profit or which parts of the project did not go as planned?

Our budgeting process allows you to account for all costs and ensure that when you are in the estimating process you are making back each dollar that is spent on hidden costs beyond Materials and Labour.

Manage Employees

Add employees, their information, and crews to your business. Adding employees to crews helps you quickly add employees to a project in the estimation process. It will also allow you to track crew progress on projects past and present. This will help you analyze the overperforming and underperforming crews (Coming Soon).

Production Rates

Are you estimating projects using pen and paper?

We can help streamline that process by using production rates. Keep track of the hours associated with each step of the process in the installation to allow you to use those numbers to estimate future projects.

By doing this, you can create an estimation process that can be easily handed off to anyone in your business with minimal training. One step closer to working on your business rather than in your business.

Material Catalogue

Managing a material catalogue will help you to keep track of what materials are being added to your estimates and the markup percentages associated with those. It will also help you add materials to your estimates.

Streamlined Estimating Process

Streamlining your estimating process is all in the preparation. This is completed through the budgeting stages to help establish the costs you need to be able to recover with each project that is estimated.

Having budgeted for your season, having your employees inputted, creating production rates, and managing your material catalogue, you are ready to work through the various stages of the estimation process to then send off a proposal to a potential client where they can view it, add their digital signature, and send it back.

Job Costing

Once a project is approved, it can be scheduled and managed throughout the project with Job Costing to ensure that you are hitting your man hours every step of the process.

This will allow you to manage your production rates and ensure you are making a profit on every project and allow you to adjust throughout the season before getting to the end of the season and realizing there was no profit made.

Exclusive Course and Webinar Content

Learn New Skills

Start your business or add to the services that you already offer in your business. These courses range from installation of hardscapes and features to knowing your numbers to setting up your online presence. There will be more coming including safety training, leadership training, and other content featuring industry experts.

Train Your Employees

Use this platform as a training program for new or existing employees to help them level up their industry knowledge and provide your business with more value. With a CORPORATE account, you can add two users to your account which can be used for employees so that they can move through courses. At the end of each course will be a test that they can take. Upon completion, they will receive a certificate with their information on it and the course that they have completed. Encourage continual growth for your employees or to even incentivize them to learn new skills. The more your employees know, the more useful they will be for you in your business.

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