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Interlocking Concrete Pavement Installation

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What you will learn:

Three Types of Interlock, Difference Between Wet Cast and Dry Cast, Difference Between Through Mix and Face Mix, Efflorescence, Tools You Need and Tools You Will Want, Planning Your Project, How to Use String Lines, Measuring Elevations to Plan a Project, Excavating the Project, Compaction Equipment and Applications, Geotextiles and Their Applications, Geogrids and Their Applications, Four Types of Base Preparation and Their Applications, Base Materials Used and What Not to Use, How to Screed the Bedding Layer, Best Practices for Laying Pavers, Paver Pattern Choices and Their Applications, Basics of Designing a Project to Be Functional and Appealing, How to Cut Pavers Effectively and Efficiently, Different Types of Jointing Compounds and Their Applications, How to Install Polymeric Sand, Problems with Polymeric Sand and How to Solve Them, How to Install Semi-Permeable Jointing Compounds, and Finishing the Project.

Each section of the course must be Marked Complete at the end of each lesson which is only possible once the video for the lesson has been played and the Test at the end must be completed with an 80% score or higher to receive the Certificate of Completion.