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02-05-2024 UPDATE Add a Division, edit your Budget. Add Positions, edit your Employees. A tutorial on setting up the How to Hardscape Headquarters Software including step-by-step instructions. Road Map Q1 2024 Phone App for Android and Apple Q2 2024 Consultation Scheduling, Services Creation, Change Orders,… Read More »Headquarters

Knowing Your Numbers

What you will learn: Various Aspects of Knowing Your Numbers Including: The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers, Job Costing, Renting vs Owning Equipment, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Construction Accounting Methods, Construction Company Financial Statements, Profit and Loss / Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and What Your Numbers… Read More »Knowing Your Numbers


What you will learn: Various Aspects of Estimating Including: The Basics, Measurements, Square Footage, Face Footage, Linear Feet, Square Footage Pricing, Production Rates, Market vs Cost-Based Pricing, and Line Item Pricing vs Lump Sum Pricing. Each section of the course must be Marked Complete at… Read More »Estimating


What you will learn: Various Aspects of Budgeting Including: Where to Start with a Budget, Time, Overhead Expenses, Equipment, Overhead Recovery, Employee Costs, Owner’s Salary, Hourly vs Salary, Cost of Sales, Profit, Margin vs Markup, Sales, and Updating the Budget. Each section of the course… Read More »Budgeting

Hardscape Lighting Installation

What you will learn: Various Aspects of Hardscape Lighting Installation Including: Hardscape Lighting Options, Manufacturers of Hardscape Lighting, Choosing a Manufacturer, Designing a Space with Hardscape Lighting, Selling Lighting, Choosing the Correct Wire, Choosing the Correct Transformer, Installing Lighting, Installing the Transformer, Accessories, and Troubleshooting.… Read More »Hardscape Lighting Installation